Reason #1 To Care About Leadership

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If you’ve ever witnessed kids’ ministry you know the line between chaos and discipleship can be thin.  Ask any Kid’s Pastor and he’ll tell you leaders make all the difference.  Without enough leaders, kids’ ministry becomes Lord of the Flies with goldfish.  With leaders it is a powerful environment for discipleship. Two weeks ago I […]

Why Bother With Retreats?

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Retreats cost money, take you away from your family and can be a logistical nightmare.  So why bother? Because pulling away from the everyday grind helps us hear from God and connect with other people. Retreat was a consistent practice of Jesus (Mark 6:31, Matthew 15:21), particularly after busy seasons of teaching and an impromptu […]

The Double Edged Sword Of Email

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It was the year 2000 – AOL instant messenger was all the rage, the Baha Men had climbed the Billboard charts with their hit single “Who let the dogs out” and I registered for my first email address:  I don’t know how long you’ve had an email address – or how embarrassing your first […]

Nine August Goals

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A lot of times it’s easier for me to dream big dreams then it is to do the hard work of accomplishing goals that produce meaningful growth.  I’d love to be known as a man of prayer but dreaming of myself as a prayer warrior won’t make me one unless I combine it with some measurable attainable goals. […]

Why I Hate Delegation

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I think of delegation & kale in the same category – things I know are good for me but I don’t like.  In the case of kale I don’t like the taste or texture.  In the case of delegation I don’t like the lack of control or potential fallout.  But unlike kale, delegation is essential […]

Lifehack Friday – Wunderlist

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Post it notes, mini-notebooks, the notes app on my phone, the stickies app on my laptop, the back of my hand – you name it and I’ve probably used it to write down reminders.  I had an agonizingly complex system for remembering important tasks that required me to check multiple places to remember what to […]